JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Is Finan or Fichan a man's name (in Hungary?) #general

sharon cooper

Dear Jewishgenners,
I am helping a friend with an old yiddish letter from
Hungary, 1886. The father is writing to his daughter
in America who wants a divorce >from her husband in
Hungary. The father writes, "Ikh hob glaykh
geshprokhen mit dem Finanen. er zogt er beshteht...nor
er hot keyn gelt nikht oyf keyn get".
Is Finan the husband's name? And why does he need
money for a get? It is handwritten, but I'm fairly
certain of the spelling. It could be a Hungarian name
too. Or it could be Fichan instead of Finan. Can
anyone help?
Sharon Cooper, Ottawa, Canada

Sharon Cooper-Goodman,Ottawa, Canada
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