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Ilan Ganot wrote: "An article, which attracted my attention as a child, was
a huge MERCEDES typewriter that belonged to my grandfather. It was stored in
a large wooden box, and >from time to time, my grandfather used it for typing
letters to his siblings and friends in the USA. Does anyone have any idea
if the Mercedes typewriter factory has any connection to the Mercedes-Benz
automobile firm?"

The story of Emil JELLINEK and the name Mercedes is well-known especially
as Emil came >from the famous JELLINEK family of Moravian origin with rabbinical,
revolutionary [1848] and academic connections:

Please click on all the JELLINEK links. See also:

Adolf JELLINEK, Emil's father, served as rabbi in Leipzig >from 1845-1856

As for the typewriter, as far as I can make out, Emil JELLINEK took out a
patent relating to the letters on the keys of the typewriter: [in German]

Who actually made these typewriters I have no idea, but I think Zeiss may
have been involved - but I am sure Emil must have received royalties!

This photograph of a Mercedes typewriter is labelled 1905, but it looks more
like 1920 to me:

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