Judenmatrikel Bürgel - Request for Translation Help #germany

Adam Oppenheim

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Thanks to the kind folks who helped translate documents previously obtained
from Weisenau, and now, a helpful researcher >from Stadtarchiv Offenbach, I
have a scanned copy of what I believe to be the birth certificate of my
GG-grandfather, Ludwig OPPENHEIM, a shoemaker >from B=FCrgel, Offenbach.

I would love some help in deciphering the script and translating the same.
Since view-mate still seems to be down, I have uploaded the document here:
Thanks for any and all help.


Adam Oppenheim Bethesda, Md USA <oppenheim.adam@gmail.com>

Researching: (JGID 149722) OPPENHEIM (Offenbach, Weisenau, NYC), DEWALD (THEOBALD)
(Dolgesheim, Woerrstadt), DAUB (Nidda, Hesse-Darmstadt), GOLDSCHMIDT (Nidda,
Hesse-Darmstadt), KAHN (Dudenhofen, Nidda).

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