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Rhoda Miller <MillerR@...>

I have posted Yiddish written on the back of a picture postcard. This was
taken at a farewell party upon leaving Vilna for Canada about 1930. There
is is some English there to help but I am interested in learning if there
are details, especially the names of Liza MINKOFF's brothers.

You can view this small amount of Yiddish handwriting at:

On another note, this is a perfect example of how innocently the archival
quality of a picture can be destroyed. The original was owned by my
elderly, now deceased, aunt. She saw a magazine craft article about
punching holes around pictures and crocheting a frame around the
picture...she did this to ALL her old family pictures. Oy vey!

Please respond privately. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Rhoda Miller
Babylon, NY

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