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Maria Krane

Dear Genners,
I am posting this at the request of Sally Bruckheimer. I answered
her e-mail regarding her difficulty finding family on census and other
documents. Something similar happened to me. I also had not been able to
find my husband's grandfather in various documents. I still can't find
him on the EIDB and failed at the 1910 and 1920 census. However, my
cousin in New York had an address I gave him for my husband's grandfather
in 1917 and with that he found him on the 1920 census. His surname was
KRON. However, he was listed as COHEN. Don't ask me why--we don't
know. It could have been a mistake the census taker made. We are sure
that they are the correct family because all the first names and ages
(including the four children) were correct! Go figure!
Genealogy is more of a guessing game at times than anything else.
Even if I had had an index, I would have never found him. We found my
husband's grandfather through the back door! Good luck to all of you and
remember not to give up!
Maria Krane, Pembroke Pines, Fl. USA

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