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Michael Herzlich

Thanks to all who have replied to my initial query about the Harlem
Valley. I have received some very good ideas on how to proceed. As
part of the process, I have obtained a copy of my Aunt's death
certificate and have gotten some additional information >from it and some
more questions.

1. It lists her final residence as Cedar Lane Nursing Home in Waterbury
Ct, but her residence as Wingdale, Harlem Valley NY. So it looks like
she was transferred to a nursing home in Ct. The closest match I see is
the Cedar Lane Rehab & Health Center in Waterbury.

2. The informant is listed as Rabbi Jules Lipschutz, Harlem Valley NY.
Does anybody know of the Rabbi? I couldn't find him with a basic Google

3. Burial was at Beth El Cemetery in Waterbury Ct. Does anybody have an
address or phone number? I didn't find an obvious match.

4. The funeral home was the Bergin Funeral Home in Plantsville Ct. I
couldn't find it, but I found a Bergin Funeral Home in Waterbury. I'll
have to see if they have any records.

Again, thanks for all your suggestions, I have a few more avenues to

Michael Herzlich

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