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Iris Posner

My name is Iris Posner and I am President of One Thousand Children,
Inc.( OTC). We are a non-profit organization whose mission it is to
document the experiences of virtually the only unaccompanied children
rescued by the US >from the Holocaust. The children numbered about 1000
and were placed with foster families across America. Most lost their
parents and families and became citizens of the US. Some became well
known. Most have had successful professional and personal lives despite
their losses and difficult beginnings. This is a virtually unknown story
both to most Americans and Holocaust scholars as well. OTC believes that
the best way to tell this story is in theatrical stage and film
performance. We are looking for a co-writers to develop scripts telling
the story of this 11 year rescue plan that spanned 3 continents and 2
oceans. As a small nonprofit, we can offer to share credit for and income
from the production of such scripts. We are writing in the hopes you can
let your members know about our search for a co-writer.
More information about OTC is available at our website at

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