Update on the Holocaust related databases and Correze internment center, on jewishtraces.org #germany

Manuela Wyler <m.wyler@...>

Dear Genners
The website jewishtraces.org was updated with 22 500 new entries in the
database "Various list 1939-1945" on the search page at
or through Steve Morse search page.

The update of this month is made of list of Jewish refugees who were granted
to enter Switzerland , mainly between 1942 and 1945 and mainly in the French
and Italian speaking zone of the country.
The entries were selected through a database of more than 60 000 names from
which Germans, Austrians, Polish, Czechs, Turkish, stateless and other
nationals were extracted.
We can provide information on the entries ( file number and localization )on
request. The canton of arrival gives a an idea of where to find more
information on your relatives.
In the French version only ( translation is long) a very unique research on
a " special" internment center in France opened in 1943 in the department of
Correze, le Chateau du Doux in Altillac, we currently research people who
were there or in the area , as the author Nathalie Roussarie is currently
studying the general situations of the Jews in this particular area. The
link to read the article is :

Also we published in the three languages an article on the events of
November 1938 known as Kristallnacht and the testimony of Herschel
Grynszpan's father, Zendel, Schmuel Grynszpan at the Eichmann trial in

The project jewishtraces is run by a French nonprofit organization
dorot|association d'histoire, which goal is to provide information for
families and researchers on the fate of Jewish refugees in Europe, the
online databases have now 47 500 entries all related to documents, mostly
from administrative sources.
Manuela Wyler, Lyon France http://www.jewishtraces.org
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