Re: What is "Lit" mentioned in Registers #germany


Gad Naumann asked: "While going through Registers received >from the
Staatsarchive Wurzburg and dated 1826 - 1873 and related to Damm (since 1901
integrated as a district into the city of Aschaffenburg, Bavaria), I see
references to apparently addresses', or rather house numbers, with ref to e.g.
Lit. 54.
What does the shortening of Lit. mean and what is the source of this word."

"Lit." is the abbreviation of the Latin word littera, which does not only
mean letter, but also document. This is the appropriate translation here. "Lit.
54" indicates that at the end of the volume or in a separate file the
document number 54 contains more information concerning this entry.

Gerhard Buck, Idstein, Germany

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