Arthur HAHN, Berlin #germany


In response to an earlier inquiry regarding the HAHN family, I found Julie
HAHN, nee SCHWARZ, born 3/29/1872 in Koscian, Poland and resident in Berlin
at Roscherstr. 12. She was deported to Theresienstadt 12/15/1942 and died
there 1/9/1943. Unfortunately, while there were three persons residing in
Berlin named Arthur HAHN, none lived at the same address as Julie, and,
without a date of birth there is no way to establish whether any of them
were Julie's husband. There were four persons named Margaret HAHN, two
Leos, four Hans, and one Erna, none at the same address as Julie. A check
on Theresienstadt records indicates that no persons named Margit or Hans
HAHN were deported there. Dates or places of birth are essential where the
family name is a common one.

Peter Lande Washington, D.C. <>

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