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Tens of people responded to my earlier story of my GGM's siddur, trapped in
the wreckage of the World Trade Center. Several encouraged me to have faith:
after surviving pogroms in Hungary, the journey to America, and 3
generations of my family, the siddur would surely survive this calamity as

Well, it seems that the presence of my siddur saved One Liberty Plaza, which
is not only standing but also structurally sound -- in spite of earlier
reports of its collapse.

As to my siddur, it has been retrieved and is safely in the hands of a
friend who will personally deliver it to me tonight in time for Rosh

Earlier, I said that I have no words to describe the catastrophe >from which
I narrowly escaped. I now have no words to describe the miracle which has
emerged >from that same catastrophe.

God willing, there are more miracles to come, in the form of survivors who
emerge >from the debris.

Shanah tovah,

David Simon Bendory
Livingston, NJ
Looking for Hungarian KOHN, POPPER, BRAUCH, HECHT in Resita, Timisoara,
Looking for Romanian SCHWARTZ or SIEGAL, VACSMAN in Botosani or Braila,
Looking for Romanian HARR near Bucharest, Romania
Looking for SIMON and GOETZ >from Germany

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