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Paul Silverstone

After months of looking through the Ellis Island records I have
finally discovered my grandmother. I knew she arrived in 1892
with two small children but I was not sure what name they would
have used.
My grandfather adopted her maiden name on his arrival here and
for his naturalization, which was Silberstein - his was Chrzan.
I searched all of 1892 for persons with initials E S, then E C, E
K, E H, E Z. I finally found them under the letter L. The
transcriber thought the initial S was an L, and sure enough there
they were arriving on the Bohemia June 10, 1892, Ester
Silberstein and two children with the correct town name Makova as
confirmation. In the database they are listed as Lilberstein.
Since the manifest was not correct it took a while to find the
right one which confirmed all.
Now all I have to do is find my grandfather!

Paul Silverstone
New York

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