JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Town of 'Ragoi' in Hungary? #general

Alexander Sharon

"Joe Newman" <> wrote

I am trying to determine the location of the town 'Ragoi' and the state
of 'Ungarn'. The year of passage is 1890. The Shtetl Seeker brings up
'Rajka' and 'Riha'. I don't know of either of these could be correct.

What other areas could be Hungarian speaking? Or is the issue in
translation >from the Hungarian to the German passenger manifest to

Ragyoc, currently known as Ordzoviany (Ordzovany) or Ragyolc, currently
known as Radzovce, both in Slovakia, are another potential candidates for
the searched "Ragoi".

Good luck,

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Canada

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