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Alexander Sharon

"Richard Cooper" wrote in message

Dear Shelley
Mazeltov! You are now eligible to join Galicia SIG! Dombrowa is the
Yiddish pronunciation of Dabrowa (which incidentally means 'oak
grove'). The two most likely candidates are Dabrowa Gornicza and
Dabrowa Tarnowska (where my MILLET and LEZTER ancestors come from).
There is only one Toporow. All three are in modern Poland, but between
1815 and 1914 were in Galicia, that part of Poland which was annexed
by the Ausrto-Hungarian Empire. Toporow was only just inside Austria,
near Three Empires Point at Miedzyriec.

Dabrowa Gornicza (part of Zaglebie Dabrowskie as was also Bedzin and
Sosnowiec) was never in Galicia, but part of the Russian Empire. It is
close to the point where all Three Empires have met, but town was in
Russian Poland.

Dabrowa Tarnowska was the largest >from all the known Galicia Dabrowa towns.
And there were several indeed:

In Western Galicia:
Dabrowa, p.Bochnia (Krakow)
Dabrowa, p.Chrzanow (Krakow)
Dbrowa, p. Nowy Sacz (Krakow)
Dabrowa, p. Rzeszow (Lwow)
Dabrowa, p.Lubaczow (Lwow)
Dabrowa Rzeczycka k. Tarnobrzeg (Lwow)

In Eastern Galicia

Dabrowa, k. Wykoty near Sambor (Lwow)
Dabrowa, p. Kalusz (Stanislawow)
Dabrowa, k. Swistelniki (Stanislawow)

In addition, there have been around numerous Dabrowka, Dabrowice, Dab,
Dabek, Dabcze, Dabie, Deba, Debe, Dabie, Debice, Debinki, Debiaki, Debno,
Debiany, Debienko, Debowiec, Debowce, Debowo, Debow, Debsk, Deby and other
similar oak related localities.

There was only one known Toporow (currently Toporuv) with the town statut,
powiat Radziechow in Tarnopol Region. And there is locality Donbrova
(Dabrowa) at 5020 2447, 15 miles N of Toporow.

Hope, this help

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Canada

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