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On my grandfathers Naulization Papers(1898) Cook County-no information was
given as to date they came over or any other information- I have looked at
LDS Records gone to the state library, looked at all lists on internet and
can not come up with date nor port that they departed from.I also have
written to INS and to NARA and cannot find anything.In other words they have
been of no help either.All that I know is that they came in 1890 or 91 and
settled in Michigan.. The 1900 Census stated that they were married for ten
years. Means that they got married in 1890 but where and when? They were
born in Zhitomir and in L'viv Ukraine I know but nothing else I know.
I have been looking for five years and have come up empty handed.
Can I have a look up? Their names are Max and Rosa Weintraub.
Rose Weintraub Hoffman

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