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Dennis Gries <dgries@...>

Hello -

As one of the hundreds of researchers with family branches >from Tarnow,
I hope you will be interested in learning about the project to index the
Birth, Marriage and Death records >from 1877 to 1899 that were not filmed
by the LDS (Mormons). There are also some records preceding and
following this period.

This is a new project of Jewish Recording Indexing - Poland, and I have
volunteered to be the "Town Leader." There are about 850 pages with
Birth, Marriage and Death indices to be transcribed.

Each large (double size) page has approximately 25 entries (quite large
and clear). Based on past experience, a page of data entry can be typed
and reviewed in less than an hour. If we had 40 volunteers to each take
a bundle, this job could see completion by springtime.

Data entry is done into a pre-formatted "Excel" spreadsheet which I will
send. If you are more comfortable with Word, I will send you a Word table
to use.

These end of the 19th century records >from a major Jewish population city
could include records for some of your grandparents for instance (like
mine). Upon initial review, these appear to include some outlying areas
(but there are no town or street references), and I will welcome (private
of course), inquires to determine if your subject appears.

Dennis Gries - Fort Washington, PA

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