FORELL of Glatz, Silesia; Holleschau, Moravia and Vienna #germany

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I am often in quandary when it comes to cross-SIG postings, but when I
researched this FORELL tombstone in Holleschau, Moravia:

I found it was a rare name and mercifully there were few holocaust victims
listed on Yad Vashem. I have added links under the tombstone picture.

I checked the FTJP and JGFF and message archives and found four Ger-SIG
messages in 1998-2001 >from Vivian Salama about her Glatz/Klodzko {Silesian}
FORELL relatives. They are obviously the ones listed in the FTJP and JGFF.

re Glatz/Klodzko: there was obviously a pretty close relationship with Bohemia
noted here -
Moravia is not mentioned, but I think we can assume Moravia also came into
the picture.

I do wonder now if this Moravian family came >from Silesia or perhaps the
Silesian family came >from Moravia? Migration between the two territories
was quite common.

If anyone can decipher the Hebrew on the tombstone, we might learn more.
Eleven years may be a long time to wait for a link, but perhaps, at last,
here is a clue, however tenuous, for Vivian [btw I am not related!].

Celia Male - London U.K celiamale@...

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