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Michael Herzlich

I have been able to access the download area
successfully on one computer but not another. The one
I had good luck with has Internet Explorer version
5.5. The one that didn't work was at version 5.0.
Their web site seems to be very particular to the
browser version and patches. You absolutely must have
128 bit encryption support in your browser which was
not automatically included until several months ago
due to export restrictions. For internet explorer 5
this is easy to add, just click on help - About
Internet Explorer - Update Information (after cipher
strength: 40 bit) and follow the download prompts. If
you have internet explorer with cipher strength: 128
and it still doesn't work, if you are not up to
version 5.50 you can access that download once you are
at the microsoft web site.

Mike Herzlich

Subject: hamburg list
From: "Frankel Anita" <>
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2001 22:14:06 -0800
X-Message-Number: 6

Hi all!

I found several relatives on the new Hamburg list,
but when I try to purchase the additional information
I get a "no response" message, two days in a row.

I tried both microsoft explorer and netscape, both of
which are versions Hamburg requires for secure

Has anyone been successful?

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