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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

On 15 May 2005 Katrina Sorauer wrote to us in a posting entitled OBERNIK
family in Beroun: "I have been trying to find out what happened to the
family of my ggfather Adolf OBERNIK and his wife, Augusta, born ROUBITCHEK.
They were the parents of my grandmother, Stefanie KRAUS, born OBERNIK. The
name OBERNIK just does not come up anywhere at all and all research ends in a
dead end lane."

I replied on the 20th May listing the various OBERNIK references on the www
and Richard Gaskell contacted me [I have his permission to quote] to say that
he unearthed another OBERNIK for us in the UK in relation to a razor blades:

Item details: BT 56/50
Establishment of a new factory for the manufacture of Razor Blades in the U.K.
by a German [Gustav OBERNIK] (Trocadero Works Ltd.)
Covering dates: 1932
Held by: The National Archives, Kew

Just when I thought we would never have another sighting, I stumbled on a
very interesting one.

How about this for an early Jewish OBERNIK:

In 1801, Simon OBERNIK, Gesellschafters des Buchdruckers Schmidt, Polen
married Rebekka WERTHEIMER in Vienna.

I presume "Gesellschafter" means that he was a part-owner of the book
publisher/printing business "Schmidt" in Poland. Perhaps this might lead us
somewhere too.

I have checked for OBERNIK births in the period after the marriage, but
am sad to say, I could not find any. So perhaps OBERNIK couple did not
have children or alternatively they moved away >from Vienna, back to Poland.

And now we must find out if they are related to the two OBERNIK buried in
Wahring and which WERTHEIMER family Rebekka came from:

Obernik Mayer age 44 09.11.1808
Obernik Simon age 19 24.10.1823

Celia Male [UK]

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