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Perhaps it might be useful to review the on-line availability of passenger
manifests, especially for the period 1850-1950. I'm not thinking of the
individual manifests at sites like the Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild
(, or Olive Tree Genealogy
( Instead, I'm interested
in the projects to index all the available manifests for a given port of
departure or arrival.

This is the list of sites I've located so far. Is anyone aware of any


Ports of Departure:

Hamburg: Manifests indexed for the period 1890-1898. Plans are to complete
indexing, first through 1914; and then >from 1850-1934. Fee-based.

Bremen: Manifests indexed for the period 1920-1926 (partial). Plans are to
complete indexing through 1939. Free. (Pre-WWI manifests were destroyed
during the that war.)

Copenhagen: Manifests indexed for the period 1869-1908. Archives has
records through 1940, but it's unclear whether all will be indexed on-line.

Finland: (I'm not sure of the port(s).) Manifests indexed for the years
1892-1896, 1899-1914, 1920-1939, 1949-1960. Free.


Ports of Arrival:

New York City: Obviously, the much-discussed Ellis Island Data Base. Free,
but registration required.

Galveston, Texas: Manifests indexed for the period 1846-1948. Free, but
registration required.

Canada: Manifests indexed for all ports for the period 1925-1935. Free.

New South Wales, Australia: Manifests for "assisted immigrants" indexed for
the period 1839-1896. Free.

Victoria, Australia: Manifests for "unassisted" immigrants indexed for the
period 1852-1889. Free.


Again, if anyone is aware of any other ports whose immigration records have
been made available on-line, please advise the list.

In addition, perhaps we can compile a list of the status of passenger
manifests. For example, the Public Record Office in Kew apparently has all
trans-oceanic lists (incoming and outgoing) >from all UK ports, but they are
unindexed. The CEMLA project is indexing the Buenos Aires immigrant lists,
but does not intend to make them available on-line. The Holland-America
ticket sales records for 1900-1940 are available on microfiche in several
libraries and >from the Family History Library.

The pre-WWI Antwerp lists were destroyed; do the post-WWI lists exist? Are
there any surviving manifests for Cherbourg and Libau? What about the
Italian and other Mediterranean ports? For what years are South African
passenger manifests available, and in what form?

For the United States, the incoming passenger manifests for Philadelphia,
Baltimore and New Orleans have been indexed, and are available on microfilm
at certain National Archives and libraries, and through the Family History
Library. The Boston manifests are also indexed, except for the period
1892-1902. The New York City manifests remain unindexed for the period
1848-1891. The Canadian crossings (St. Albans Lists) are also indexed for
1895-1954, and available on microfilm. I'm not sure about West Coast ports.
And, so far as I know, there are absolutely no outgoing passenger lists
for any US port.


Just a thought.
Monica Leonards
Glenside, PA

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