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Maria <elena@...>

Dear Jewishgenners, I am having a problem with the EIDB accessing the
Original Manifest for the SS Furnessia arriving in NY on July 24th 1911.
It brings up the Campania each time I try. If anyone has had this problem
and knows how to get around it I'd appreciate the help. Alternatively who
should I contact to get the manifest I want.

Reply privately to "".

Best Regards, Tony Stern
I have a similar problem concerning the Willehad out of Hamburg or Bremen in
1895 to Ellis Island: calling up the original manifest results in a nice,
clear view of ship called the Trinidad. I ended up a the NY Public Library
and taking notes >from the microfilm. I also sent a note about the error to
the Ellis Island contact address but have heard nothing and have seen no
change in the past couple of months.

Maria Torres
Maltinsky, Rubinstein, Zellat, Notis (Latvia, NY, GA, PA)
Phillips (Dadacz/Dudacz/Isidore/Eisendor), Pschedesky (Poland, UK, NY)

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