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Sara Lynns

in view of how many of us have had mixed success
and/or challenges, thought I'd share this story
I heard years ago...
do you believe in fate?

someone shared this story (as speaker) at a social

the speaker (Harry) and his wife went to israel
Maccabea games. they shared shabbat with a family, as
guests. two guys there (college students) recounted
story of their trip to US to play basketball.
recruited by a college in wyoming, they eagerly
accepted the invitation.
This college/university was invited to play in New
Mexico (I believe). it was the beginning Pesach
the two guys looked in local phonebook for a Jewish
name and found such a person (a tailor). They asked
if there would be a seder anywhere. The voice on the
other end replied, certainly. Come by tomorrow. they
A woman sat behind the counter, darning.
They began a conversation. Turns out their family
came >from a very small shtetl/town in Poland. this
woman turned white. Turns out she was an aunt they
thought perished in the Holocaust.

Best wishes on your journey,

Jacqueline lerner-aderman

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