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As Josie mentions, she was not aware of being the daughter of a Levite
while she was growing up, although she states that the home was observant.
(Levitical lineage passes through the male line). I too, had no idea that
my mgrandfather's line, GOCHMAN's >from Zvihil, were Levites.

This discussion reminds me of a case in our family, also in an
observant family, living in Melbourne.

The father's given name is David-Melech. The twenty-five year old
daughter saw that in my database and was very surprised because
she thought that when her mother called him that, it was as a
nickname. (King David)

It never occurred to this young woman that this was her father's proper
given name. I mean, she never needed this information herself.
(They probably go to a shul where the women can't hear so well...)

Israel Pickholtz

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