Seek descendants of EISEMANN, KATZ, BACHARACH.from Engelsbach #germany

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Again I want to ask if anyone can help me with Albert D. EISEMANN (born 1928
in Frankfurt Germany). He was the son of Hugo EISEMANN and Johanna KATZ.

I would like to contact his children (He allready died) for getting more
information about the EISEMANN Family in Egelsbach. There names are:
Naftoli EISEMANN * 18/02/1953
Channa EISEMANN * 16/10/1955
Daniel EISEMANN * 01/05/1959
Esther EISEMANN * 25/05/1965

Also I am seaching information about Leon KATZ, born in Egelsbach on September
1900. He might be emmigrated to Argentinia.

Thank you very much. It would be great if anyone could help here, because we
will make a memorial in October for three families: EISEMANN, KATZ, BACHARACH.

Gaby Melk Stadt ?? Land ?? Germany seimel@...

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