The First Jewish Service held in Berlin following its liberation by the Russians. #germany

Dave Lichtenstein

Dear All

I kindly seek your assistance in this matter. The late Rabbi Julius
Carlebach in his book "The Jews of Nairobi 1903 - 1962" published by the
Nairobi Hebrew Congregation states on page 69 states that: "the Rev. F.
LICHTENSTEIN had conducted the first Jewish service in Berlin after its
liberation by the Russians."

The late Reverend Friedrich "Fritz" LICHTENSTEIN was my Grandfather - a
Cantor or "Chazan". He headed the Nakuru Hebrew Congregation in Kenya and
is buried in the Jewish portion of the Nakuru Cemetery.

I have yet to find any other substantiation of my Grandfather conducting
this service >from the current German-Jewish authorities in Berlin. I suspect
(but I could be wrong) that none of them were in Berlin at the time of its

My Grandfather survived the war in Berlin and I have ascertained his
addresses at that time as being:

1. Jenaer Strasse 11 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, and
2. Konstanzer Strasse 62, Berlin-Wilmersdorf

I don't know whether these two addresses are relevant to the particular
location of the service or not. However, I include them for completeness
and possible confirmation of the event and the place. Many thanks in advance

Dave Lichtenstein Sydney, Australia <lichtend@...>

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