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Alexander Sharon

"vangheluwe" <> wrote

Could someone confirm or infirm to me that Wladyeka is a female name in
Poland? Perhaps the "a" lettre is oblitered. In this case, my believed
Wladyek Baginska (male) can be realy and logic be Wladyeka Baginska?


Do you know a female name liked to Wladyek in cursive handwritting

Baginska is indeed female surname as identified by the suffix "ska"
which denotes "Mrs" Baginski. Wladka ("broken" Polish hard 'l") is
probably the knickname of not so common female name Wladyslawa.

Wladek (knickname of the very popular Polish male name Wladyslaw)
Baginski denotes male.

Declension form do often confuse readers not fully familiar with the
Polish Grammar. Male name Wladek may be presented in the following
declension forms through the text:


As you can see >from the above, one of this name declension form may
coincide with the female variation (Wladka)
But in the surname case one can clearly recognize male and female
variations: Baginski-Baginska.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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