JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Resource for date when Nazis liquidated a Belarus shtetl #general

David Gordon <dgordon@...>

When I was in Lapichi, Belarus, a few months ago--the small shtetl where
my grandfather was born--I was fortunate enough to be taken to the
forest where the German marched the Jews of Lapichi and then murdered
them. Unfortunately, I did not take good enough notes and now cannot
figure out >from what I have the date when that event occurred. Because
Lapichi is just one of hundreds, if not thousands, of places where this
happened, I wonder: does anyone know of a resource I might turn to
where I could learn the precise date when this happened in Lapichi?
David Gordon
Chicago, Illinois
Searching: HORWITZ—Smolevichi, Lapichi (Bobruisk?); GORDON—Vilna or
Kovno; GEBALOVITCH—Borisov; LEVIN—Vilna or Kovno; DRAZIN—Bobruisk;

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