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Jeanne Gold <Groupie@...>

Has anyone had any success searching for Ukrainian records specifically for
the towns of:

Lailve, Kiev Gubernia, Russia
[now Lelev, (which province?), Ukraine (5119/3011)]

Berdichev, Volhynia Gubernia, Russia
[now Berdychiv, Ukraine (4954/2835)]

Radomysl, Kiev Gubernia, Russia
[now Radomyshl', Zhitomir Oblast, Ukraine (5030/2914)]

Koryukovka, Tchernikov Gubernia, Russia
[now Kor'urovka, Chernigovskaya Oblast, Ukraine (5146/3216)]

Yanovka, Kherson Gubernia, Russia
[now Ivanovka, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine (4658/3028)]

Baranov, Kherson Gubernia, Russia
[now Baranovo, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine (4656/3024)]

Kocienno, (which Gubernia?), Russia
[is this now Khazhin, (which province?), Ukraine (4950/2838)]
[annotation: found passenger manifest for a ZACKON coming from
"Kocienno, W. Russia" and going to Chicago, IL -- the same as my
family. However, don't know if she is related or not. My family
had been in Berdichev and Radomysl. Khazhin is 5.1 miles SSE of
Berdichev and 53.1 miles SSW of Radomysl. I believe my branch was
originally in Berdichev and the 2 sons moved to Radomysl when
they married. This is my only rationale for thinking "Kocienno"
is the same as "Khazhin". Any comments or thoughts?]

If so, would you please contact me privately? I would like to know how to

Would also appreciate any corrections to my identifications of the places.
I am still confused about the correct names of the places as they were
known when the event in question occurred versus the name the place is
known as now. I like to annotate with both.

Thank you,
Jeanne Gold
California, USA

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