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Jacob D. Goldstein <jake@...>

At 01:30 PM 2/17/02 Harold Lewin wrote:
I agree that the improbability of a living Ashkenazic father and his son
sharing the same name is a popular misconception. While indexing the
marriage registers of the old London Ashkenazic synagogues, well over 4
percent of the 4,400 marriages (covering the period 1792-1860) so far
indexed are in this category.
You would certainly expect some exceptions to the rule than an
Ashkenazi Jew would not name a child after a living relative, but
the figure of 4% is probably *much* too high. This statistic is
biased by the demographics of the sample. The capital of the
British Empire was a cosmopolitan city. Jews with roots in
Amsterdam lived alongside Jews >from Frankfurt-on-Main (and
alongside non-Jews). Sephardic Jews living in neighborhoods having
Ashkenazi majorities would surely have tried to maintain their
proud traditions and identity.

Jake Goldstein
Boston, Massachusetts

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