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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Bo Brainin [>from ?] wrote to us that he is a new member of our SIG and
would appreciate information on the:

1. Roots, history, and origin of any family member of the last name
HORETZKY (please only this spelling!).

2. Meaning and origin of the last name BRAININ.
Welcome to Austria-Czech, Bo; with reference to BRAININ:

There may be many new members who do not realise that we have two most
valuable Jewishgen message archives. You will find links to these archives
at the bottom of our Austria-Czech home page. It is also most useful to
know where a new member lives - so please do add your location. Here are
some handy hints for new members - before you post a query:

A: Search the Jewishgen site itself. There is a box on the home page. There
you will find references to BRAININ [marriages and divorces!] in Minsk and
BRAININs in Utyan and Krustpils [not within the orbit of our SIG] and there
are other leads too.

B: Search the message archives: you can check for BRAININ on the General
Discussion Group archives or on the SIG archives. Start with all SIGS, but
if you restrict yourself to the Austria-Czech SIG you will find a reference
to my recent posting:
12 April 2005; Subject: Remembering Norbert Brainin and the Amadeus String Quartet.
Norbert Brainin, March 12th 1923, Vienna - April 10th 2005, London.
In this posting you will find out more information on the BRAININ family.

C: May I also suggest consulting the Jewish "online" Encyclopedia? Enter
BRAININ for a wealth of leads.

Uri Meretz [Israel], who is always a great support to me, sent me leads to
Reuben and Valeri BRAININ:

Reuven {Ruben/Reuben] BRAININ was born in Lyady, Mogilev, Russia in 1862
and died in NY in 1939. He was a Hebrew and Yiddish author and journalist;
covered the first Zionist congress in Basel 1897 and interviewed Theodor
Herzl - who of course lived and died in Vienna.

You can see many references in the Jewish Encyclopedia.

See: also this interesting article in German about Valeri BRAININ who
appears in the Guinness book of Records [strangely, only mentioned in the
German URL!]. Is this "a first" for our SIG?

Valeri is an exceptional musician and President of the "Russian Federation
Society for Music Education" (RussSME). [German] [English]

Valeri was born in Russia in 1948 - son of the Austrian author and refugee,
Boris BRAININ [nom de plume: Sepp OSTERREICHER] - many www references.

His father, Dr Boris BRAININ was born in Nikolaev, Kherson in 1905 - his
patronymic is given as LVOVICH. He is buried in Vienna ZF Tor 1 15a 1a 9.
I suspect that this may be an honour grave. There are a total of 8 BRAININs
buried in Vienna. Of these, apart >from Boris, we know two belong to the
nuclear family of Norbert BRAININ.

The following members also belong to this gifted Reuben/Boris/Valeri
BRAININ family:
Frederick [Fritz] BRAININ - Austrian-American author, poet, journalist
and translator: born Vienna 22.8.1913; died 3.5.1992 New York
Norbert BRAININ - violinist [see above]
Elisabeth BRAININ - Austrian psychoanalyst and writer

So in conclusion, although it is always a pleasure to welcome a new member,
Bo Brainin is probably on the wrong SIG for in-depth research on the
BRAININ name and family. They do/did have many twentieth century links
with Vienna, but their early roots lie elsewhere - Minsk and Odessa, perhaps?

Odessa would be very fitting for great violinists and musicians.

Celia Male [UK]

PS: Listening to Norbert Brainin and the Amadeus Quartet playing Beethoven's
Opus 18 No 4 in C minor as I send off this posting. Magic!

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