Re. INTRO - researching Arndt family from Schneidemuhl, Germany #germany

Justin Levy <jlevy2008@...>

Hello Yoni, Welcome to GerSIG!

I have just been helping someone locate records for their ancestors
who came >from Samotschin (Szamocin in Polish), which is very close to
Schneidemuhl (Pila in Polish), both were in the Bromberg district of
the province of Posen.

You should read this info file as a good starting point.

The Nazi's obsession with racial purity led them to seize all the
vital records of the Jewish communites in Germany and further afield.
The registers were then diligently microfilmed by the Reichssippenamt
- a government department that had been established in 1935 to
determine German or Aryan ethnicity and classify Jews - could be
translated as the Imperial Kinship Office.

Although most of the original registers have been lost, the microfilms
(and copies) survived and are held at several locations. Microfilms of
the registers >from Schneidemuhl (Pila) are amongst them. You should
contact the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt am Main.
( There may also be a copy of the
microfilm at the Central Archives of the History of Jewish People in

The museum receives enquiries >from around the world and can take quite
some time to respond. I speak (and write) German and have had to
remind them about my enquiries in the past.

Also just spotted this book 'History of the Jews of Schneidem=FChl:
1641 to the Holocaust' by Peter Simonstein Cullman

Best of luck, Justin Levy, Dublin, Ireland (and Morecambe, UK)

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