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Anita Springer <aspringer@...>

I recently spent two very productive days at the NYC Municipal Archives on
Chambers Street, where I was able to find the death certificates of some of
our ancestors. The death certificates tell where they are buried. I would
next like to visit the cemetaries but have never done this before and so
could use some advice to make this a productive trip.

The cemetaries are Beth David Cemetary in Queens and Washington Cemetary in
Brooklyn. Should I call them before I go and what should I ask for (besides
directions, a map and where the graves are located?) Are the tombstones
likely to be in Hebrew? (Which I cannot read.) If so, how can I best find
out what they say? How can I find out which other members of the family are
buried in that cemetary? Thanks very much for all ideas.

Anita Springer, Boston

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