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Alexander Sharon

"Aya Kim" <> wrote

(Russian Bessarabia version) "I" (or "Y") was spelled
in Latin letters - "IJ". The Cyrillic reminds of "Y"
but of course it isn't; and the pronunciation is
slightly different.
As a linguist, my tip - ask Russian/Polish speakers
for clues.
In my opinion, Aya have provided the correct response.

Surname Kujawski is originated >from Kujawy, Polish historical region,
where several Jewish shtetls have been located through the history
such as Wloclawek, Inowroclaw, Kruszwica, Strzelno and others.

In Kyjawski where letter 'u' is in my opinion, accidentally replaced
with the letter 'y' is the commonly known mistake made by the people
that are operating in both languages, Polish and Russian.

Russian letter 'y' is an equivalent to Polish (or Latin) "u" , and
often when I am dealing with the translation of Russian era Polish
documents, I do accidentally substitute those and few other letters.
I've noticed that the most common in my case are the "accidental
replacements" between the letters 'u' and 'y' and 's' and 'c'.

I have also noticed that this type of an accidental spelling mistakes
are magnified when using alternate multilingual keyboards.

I believe that Naidia Wolf father have just misspelled the name
Kujawski to Kyjowski very same way as I have described above, or this
mistake have been already committed by the Polish/Russian scribe.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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