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Dear genners,

So many of you wrote with helpful advice and information, volunteering
to do research and speak personally with me about Reb Shmuel Mohilever.
I believe I personally answered all of you, but want the list to know
what has transpired. I believe this is still a success story in the
making, in spite of the fact that some doubt has been cast on whether
Reb Mohilever is our family tzadik

I learned a lot about Reb Mohilever's life >from my research, but little
about his family. Gilda Kurtzman went to the library (there is a street
in Petach Tikva named for him) and found that Reb Mohilever was born in
Glebokie (now Glubokoye), Vilna district. I think that he was buried
outside of Vilna, but I haven't been able to confirm this yet. Another
genner is the Rabbi's great great grandaughter, has a lot of information
about him, and is, coincidentally, my neighbor. I will soon be able to
confirm his relationship or lack thereof.

I have confirmed that _our_ tzadik is buried in the Bobriusk cemetery.
I don't know if it is possible that he is Reb Shmuel Mohilever, the
tzadik >from Mohilev.

My distant Russian cousin wrote to say that our common ancestor, Mendel
Leibov Bassein, is buried near the concrete vault of the tzadik, belonging
to our family, in the cemetery of Bobriusk. Only his tzadik's name was
written on the vault, none other, and my cousin didn't write it down, and
forgot it. But he did send me a photo o Mendel Leibov's headstone. He said
that his mother had told him that the tzadik was a righteous and very holy
person, and that everyone in the family wanted to be buried near his
grave. But my cousin had no idea for what the tzadik had been known, or
how important he was.

More research to be done, but, if any of you plan a trip that takes you
to Bobriusk, I would truly appreciate it if you could visit the cemetery
and take a photo of just write me what name is on the vault, next to
Mendel Leibov's grave. And if any of you know of a tzadik >from Bobriusk,
maybe you could kindly help me out.


Miriam Camitta
Wynnewood, PA

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