Uploading Arthur Czellitzer's publications #germany


If anyone on this list has copies of the book "Mein Stammbaum" by Arthur
Czellitzer, or the genealogical magazine "Juedische Familienforschung" edited
by same, you could do a great service to the Jewish genealogical world by
making them into PDFs and uploading them to the Internet Archive
(www.archive.org). I think that there is extremely small chance that the
copyright was renewed on any of them, and making them available for public
downloading would be of great value, especially to those with German-Jewish

Shaul CEDER Jerusalem, Israel ceder@netvision.net.il

MODERATOR NOTE: While the copyright status of these works is somewhat
unclear, it seems likely that they are in the public domain and may be
freely uploaded to non-exclusive sites such as archive.org.

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