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"The Last Days of Jerusalem of Lithuania: Chronicles >from the Vilna Ghetto
and the Camps, 1939-1944" is now listed on The JewishGen Mall for
pre-publication sale. This is the long-awaited English translation of the
Yiddish diaries of Herman Kruk, a Bundist activist >from Warsaw, who fled to
Vilna at the beginning of World War II.

Kruk, who organized and oversaw the library of the Vilna Ghetto, also played
an active role in several of the ghetto's social welfare and cultural
organizations. Kruk, along with poet Abraham Sutzkever and others, secretly
worked to rescue and hide many rare books and artifacts >from the Nazis.
Like Emanuel Ringelblum in the Warsaw Ghetto, Kruk was a resolute chronicler
of day-to-day life under the Nazis with full awareness that he might not
live until the war's end. Thankfully, his diary has survived to reveal the
horrors of that time to future generations.

This new English-language edition, published jointly by YIVO and Yale
University Press with assistance >from the Nusach Vilne Society, has been
edited by Professor Benjamin Harshav, Blaustein Professor of Hebrew and
Comparative Literature at Yale, and translated by Barbara Harshav.

According to the publisher, the book will become available next month.
However, you can place your order now at the very special pre-publication
price of $32.95 by visiting the JewishGen Mall at, clicking on 'Browse Mall Now,' then
on 'Books' and 'Holocaust and Resistance.'

Help to support the important work of while shopping in the
comfort of your home.

Thank you.

Sandy and Don Hirschhorn, Co-Managers
JewishGen Mall

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