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Alexander Sharon

"Naidia Woolf" <> wrote

In trying to read Polish vital records, I sometimes encounter the word
"nego." One e.g. (in a birth record) is as follows: w obecnos'ci
s'wiadko'w starozakon nego Israela Segal, handlarza zboz.[symbol over
the z]a, which I gather translates as "in the presence of witnesses"
(followed by information about each witness). Could "nego" be the
witness's occupation or trade?

I've also seen a word that looks like "fego," on a birth or marriage
cert., immediately preceding a woman's name. (Might be "fegi"; hard to
Nadia ,

This is actually a one word and it should read: "starozakonnego" which
is an adjective form of the word "starozakonny".
Starozakonny on the other hand, is an archaic word for the "Jew" and it
literally means: "the follower of the Old Testament".
Starozakonny = Stary (old) + Zakon (Testament).

And all sentence should be translated as " the presence of the
witnesses, Jew Israel Segal, the grain merchant....."

Hope this help

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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