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I was thrilled to finally find the ship manifest for the arrival in
NY of a great-grandfather, Gedalje GOTTESMANN, in 1890. Now I have
some questions I am hoping someone might be able to help with.
1) What kind of name is Gedalje? 2) We are trying to figure out
where he came from. We know that he and his wife were Polish speakers.
The Ship Manifest for the NY arrival says that he came >from "Marianpol"
and that his nationality was Polish. I looked in "Stetl-seeker" and
found 25 Mariampols in Poland! Oh dear. The Hamburg ship list says
he was >from "Mariampol" and was >from Russia. The 1910 and 1920
Census records say he was >from Austria and spoke Polish (1910) and
Yiddish (1920.) His death record says he was born in Austria. Is
there any way I can get a better idea of where he came from? He was
born in the mid-1860s.

On another issue, we thought that he and his wife (Bertha in the US)
came to the US together, and their son was born about a year after
they arrived. One family member told me she thought they had been
married in Europe. I was somewhat surprised to find Gedalje Gottesmann
the only Gottesmann listed on the ship manifest, until I noticed that
the name of the passenger immediately preceeding him was "Braune
Bratfeld," a single woman. That is definitely our great-grandmother.
She is listed as being >from "Austria, Halies." Where is Halies?
Are this "Halies" and "Mariampol" anywhere near each other? Is there
any reason to believe they got on the boat together, did they already
know each other and were they engaged? Why should they have waited
until they got to NY to get married? Why didn't they get married
in the presence of their families and friends in the old country?
Or, is it more likely that they met on the boat? They were housed in
separate compartments on the boat. They are listed as consecutively
numbered passengers both on the Hamburg list and the NY list. Are
they really different lists? Does this mean that they were together
both when they got on and off the boat?

I would appreciate any help on figuring this out. Thanks!!

Anita Springer

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