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Alexander Sharon

"Anita Springer" <> wrote

I was thrilled to finally find the ship manifest for the arrival in
NY of a great-grandfather, Gedalje GOTTESMANN, in 1890. ....
1) What kind of name is Gedalje? 2) We are trying to figure out
where he came from. .... The Ship Manifest for the NY arrival says
that he came >from "Marianpol" and that his nationality was Polish....
The Hamburg ship list says he was >from "Mariampol" and was >from
Russia. The 1910 and 1920 Census records say he was >from Austria
and spoke Polish (1910) and Yiddish (1920.) His death record says he
was born in Austria.

....our great-grandmother. She is listed as being >from "Austria,
Halies." Where is Halies? Are this "Halies" and "Mariampol" anywhere
near each other? ....

Anita Springer

Gedalje is the Polish Yiddish variation of the known Jewish name

Marijampole was the major Jewish town in Lithuania, and this was
probably the reason that Hamburg ship list has registered Gedalia
as being Russian (ie Russian "nationality"), since Lithuania used
to be then a Russian Province.

Since the several later issued records have rectify his origin as
being Austrian, it appears that Gedalia has originated >from town
known as Marjampol (Maryampol) in the Galicia Province of the Austro-
Hungarian Empire. This used to be a small town of close to one thousand
residents with about 250 prewar Jewish souls.

Town Mariajmpole is currently known as Marinopol, Ukraine at 4902 2451,
and between the wars (WWI and WWII) it was located in Poland'a
Stanislawow Province, and again, currently Stanislawow Province has
change it's name to Ivano-Franko(i)vsk.

"Halies" on the other hand is a corrupted version of town Halicz
(currently known as Galich, Ukraine) at 4907 2444.

Galich was the major town in this part of the world known as Galicia
(actually word "Galicia" has originated >from town Halicz/Galich, the
capital of the medieval Rus Principality).

As you can see >from the coordinates comparison, town Galich is located
less than 8 miles >from Marinopol. Four Gottesman (double 't' but
single 'n') are listed in 1929 Poland Business Directory as the owners
of the general and grocery stores in Marijampole.

Hope this help.

Hag Sameach,

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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