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Fran Segall <Fran_Segall@...>

I am hoping for some help >from someone who has access to old city
directories or other lists of Holyoke, Massachussetts residents,
ca. 1911-1913. I have a cousin who lived on Walnut St. in Holyoke
at that time. Some documents suggest that his surname would be Broudy,
others indicate Brande or Brandy. The given name *might* have been
Aisik, or some variation thereof, but info on any Broudy/Brande/Brandy
Walnut Street residents would help.

If anyone has access to this information, I would be most grateful.


Fran Segall - Manassas, VA

Doing research on:
Galicia,Ukraine: STRICK (Wielopole), LICHTMAN/LICHTMANN
(Stanislavov/Ivano-Frankovs'k and Bolszowce/Bol'shovtsy),
Belarus: BROUDA/BREWDA/BREVDA/BREWDI (Amstibove/Mstibovo),
Ukraine: KLETZEL/KLETSEL (Volhynia region)

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