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Alexander Sharon

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I have only recently started to research my family and have discovered an
entry in an old address book for a brother to my Grandfather, who
lived in Zvolen , which is in Slovakia. However, my Grandfather was from
Budapest and I have always heard the family as being "Hungarian". The
timeframe is late 19th century and no later than 1915.

Is anyone familiar with Zvolen that could give me a bit of history and
background on the town? And would it have been likely that a Hungarian
have been living in Zvolen? If so, could use some insight.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Sam Schleman

Now researching Schwartz >from Zvolen.

Sovakian Zvolen (Hungarian: Zolyom, German: Altsohl) was the capital of
Austro-Hungarian Zolyom county till the end of WWI.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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