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Parts of my family, Aunt & Uncle with seven children, who lived near Uman,
Kiev in the town of Teplyk, Kiev, left the port of Libau, Russia.
They were passengers on the Russian Volunteer Fleet ship that was renamed
the S.S. Petersberg and used the port of Libau. They sailed on May 11, 1908
aqnd arrived NYC May 28, 1908.
This ship was purchased by the Russian government >from one of the large
German steamship lines and may have even come with an experienced crew.
On the manifest of this ship for this sailing, all nine members of the
family were listed. Father first, then mother, then the children in order of
age, the eldest first.
In column #10, (last permanent address) they are all listed as coming from
Uman, Kiev.
In later years, the children all applied for citizenship and listed Teplyk,
Kiev as their birthplace.
My perception of this discrepancy is that the father and mother were both
residents of Uman, (along with their parents and siblings) then married and
moved to Teplyk where they raised their their seven children.
I would like to have research done to find out all I can about this family
in Kiev. There were originaly parents and five children (the oldest son is
the father listed on the manifest) all of whom emmigrated prior to this

Does anyone know of a researcher (reliable) in that part of the world.
Please advise by personal E mail.

Nathan Greenberg
San Diego, CA 92128

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