Re: Salo ROSENTHAL - Berlin #germany


A check of the 1939 census shows that there was a Salo ROSENTHAL, born
February 4, 1867 in Lauenburg, resident at Linden Strasse 57 in Berlin and
that a person named Sara ROSENTHAL nee LEWIN born Skoki, Poland on March 7,
1876 lived at that same address. Sara was deported to Theresienstadt
October 3, 1942 and sent on to Auschwitz May 14, 1944. There is, however,
no record that Salo was deported anywhere, and certainly not to
Theresienstadt. A different Salo ROSENTHAL born 1879 was, indeed, deported
to Theresienstadt/Auschwitz, but not the Salo >from Linden Strasse. Of
course, I cannot tell which Salo was the inquirer's cousin.

Peter Lande Washington, D.C.

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