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Alexander Sharon

"vangheluwe" <> wrote

I suppose that Szaszana is a equivalent of Suzanne, as Zosia or Zofji a
equivalent of Sophie, and Andzia a equivalent of Andrée. (I am french)

But, is it possibility that Szaszana may be a equivalent of eigther Zosia
or Andzia?

I maked a research about "Szaszana" on google and Jewish gen discussion
groupe archives and I obtained 0 files. Is it a more currently speeling

Many thanks

Daniel Vangheluwe

Szaszana is a Polish transcription of Hebrew name Shoshana (Shoshanna),
which is an equivalent (and the direct translation) of name Rose (Roza,

Name Suzanne (if I recall correctly, it means lily) is known in Polish as
Zuzana (diminutive: Zuza, Zuz'ka).

Zosia (Zos'ka) is indeed diminitive >from Zofia (Sophie) and Andzia is a a
variation of Anna.

I hope this help.

Alexander Sharon

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