Re: Noah Society New York, NY 19th Century - Questions about #germany

Dave A

Well, I have in my possession a directory of the membership of "The Hebrew
Mutual Benefit Society in the City of New York." The directory is dated
1957, but on the cover it says "Founded 1820."

Interestingly, originally HMBS members were mainly Dutch ...the society is
quite old, for sure. The exact date of its founding I cannot confirm in any
way except with the information that I have provided.

Dave Kaplan Fairfax, Virginia

"Jerome Seligsohn" <> wrote:

"...... I am bogged down on two points before I combine the recent additions

with previous collections. The Noah Society claims to be the first Jewish
society founded in New York City. The second is that one group of
papers is called the Noah Society and the second is titled the Noah
Benevolent Society. I must decide whether these are one organization
or separate groups. [Help appreciated]

J Seligsohn, Volunteer Archivist, New York, NY

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