Re: name adoption conventions #germany

Roger Lustig

Convention, perhaps; law, no. Surname adoption in the Breslau district
of Silesia took place in 1791. (There were only two districts in
Silesia then, the other being Liegnitz, where the Jews, almost all of
them in Glogau, adopted surnames in 1794.) I'm sure there were cases
where brothers didn't even know each other's location, i.e., couldn't
consult on the choice.

A classic example >from Langendorf, one county over >from Beuthen: the
four sons of Yehuda Loebel ha-Kohen chose KOHN, KATZ, GASSMANN and
NOTHMANN as their surnames.

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA research co-ordinator, GerSIG

Henry Graupner, Guelph, Canada, wrote:

At the time when Jewish heads of households adopted family names, if a man
had grown up sons who were married and had their own residences/households,
would the sons have been made (by law or by convention) to adopt the same
family name as their father, or would they have been free to adopt whatever
family name they wished?

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