families STEGER and MOSHEIM #germany


Good morning,
I don't speak German so I use English language and I hope that you would
nderstand my school English. I do my bacground and some cousins lived
in Francfurt am main in the 19 and 20 centuraries. Their names were
GODCHAUX Juliette spouse OPLIN Adolphe Ludwig. They had a girl called
Rose Marie Elise OPLIN, she married to Robert Hermann STEGER.

- Juliette GODCHAUX born in 1847 in Luxembourg and Died in 1926
- Adolphe Ludwig OPLIN born in 1833 in Francfurt am Main and died in 1892
- Rose Marie Elise OPLIN born in 1877
- Robert Hermann STEGER, he was her hunsband and he was a founder of the
assurance UNION SUISSE.
In 1926 the family lived in Blittersdorfplatz 31.
Other cousins lived in Franfurt am Main in the same time, they were the
family MOSHEIM. Carl MOSHEIM was docteur in Francfurt am Main.

Could you, please, help me to have more information about my family ? All
these personn were my cousins I hope that you could help me.
Thank you very much. Best regards

Claudine Godchaux [somewhere in France] claudine.godchaux@orange.fr

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