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Alexander Sharon

Victoria Reed" wrote

On the EIDB, my grandmother's last residence, and the town of residence
her father who was still in Galicia, is listed as Cholze in one place and
Cholzo in another.

Her town of birth was correctly listed and spelled as Zolkiew. I have
using the shtetl seeker with the D-M soundex, but come up with about 20
different towns and I haven't a clue which one is the closest match - none
of the matches are near the spelling.
It apears that "Cholze" is corrupted (or rather alternative) vertsion of
prewar locality Hujcze, Poland known currently as Giyche in Ukraine at
Zolkiew (Zhovkva) is located 15 miles SE >from Giyche.

This village in the prewar district of Rawa Ruska (6 miles distance from
Giyche) had 2,205 residents, including 25 Jewish souls.
Jewish names that apears in the 1929 Poland Business Directory include:


In Polish 'Ch' is pronounced as [kh] as in Scottish 'loch'.
What is confusing is that the letter "H" is also pronounced as [kh].

Hope this help,

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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