A book by Carl HAUSMAN from Kirchheimbolanden #germany


Good Day to All,

I have the following book that a friend of mine lent me. "Rescued" The Story
of a Child Survivor of the Holocaust of France, by Carl HAUSMAN. The
HAUSMAN family came >from Kirchheimbolanden, Germany that borders with Alzey,
France. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this book.

Mr. HAUSMAN's book describes his family, his upbringing in Germany and his
deportation to France. Being separated >from his family and being first
housed on a local working farm and then by the OSE,

What I found disturbing was the fact that Mr. HAUSMAN survived and yet he
was mentioned on the Yad VaShem website as being murdered in Gurs. How many
other's were listed as murdered, yet they survived? www.yadvashem.org,
"Karl Hausmann was born in 1933. Prior to WWII he lived in Kirchheimbolanden,
Germany. Karl perished in Gurs, Camp. This information is based on a List
of victims >from Germany found in the Gedenkbuch - Opfer der Verfolgung der
Juden unter der nationalsozialistischen Gewaltherrschaft in Deutschland
1933-1945, Bundesarchiv (German National Archives), Koblenz 1986."

Jennifer Spier-Stern Brooklyn, NY nyjrs56@aol.com

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