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Alexander Sharon

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Can anyone offer me help on the place Hranki, it is where
my late father in law was born, he aslo has family living
in a place Kuti-Hranki, and assume this is the villiage he
was born 1926, he always told us he was Polish, but people
are telling me now he was Ukraine, so I dont know is I should
be looking at Ukraine only sites or Polish? ...
jannette winnik

This parish/village was originally know as Hranki-Kuty, and is
was located in Bobrka district, Lwow Province in the interwar
Poland. This region is now located in the western part Ukraine.
Word "Wojewodztwo" shown in your letter subject line translates
as: Province (Voyevodship)

The vital records of this region have been relocated at the end
of WWII to Warsaw USC (Registry Office) known as 'Archiwum
Zabuzanskie' or 'USC Warszawa Srodmiescie', Poland, and you
should write to them.

Check for the Warsaw USC Archives address at

You may read about your the shtetl in 1929 Poland Business
Directory by visiting page 659 at:

You can learn >from this reference source that village lists
three local Jewish businessman:

There is small problem associated with current village location.
Locality is not listed anywhere but there is a map available on
line that shows this village. Please check this site at

Unfortunately, map is in Cyrillic alphabet, but you will manage
to see the place.

In the middle of this map there is a double worded town name-
this Novyy Razdol (this town was known as Rozdol or Yiddish
Rozdul during Polish administration).

Just on the SE corner of town there is a roads T junction. If
you follow branch road direction NE, first village has hyphenated
double name and it says: Granki-Kuty.

Granki Kuty is located on the bank of the Dniester River, very
much on the same spot which separated Lwow and Stanislawow
Provinces. For this reason Rozdol and Granki-Kuty have been
located in different administrative regions.

I'd advice you to look also for the family connections in the
nearest shtetls: Rozdol, Berezdovtsy (Polish: Brzozdowce) and
larger towns of the region: Zhidachov and Khodorov (Polish:
Zydaczow and Chodorow).

Hope this help

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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